sleep now

dentist tomorrow

aka my death

goodbye friends


this video should come with instructions

try searching "truth behind the lie-kelsea ballerina" and yeah i've searched there but she's pretty new to the music scene and her album doesn't come out to this fall so there aren't any there. haha ― Anonymous

okay this could be a million percent wrong but i think it might be

capo 5

verses g, d/f#, c

chorus c, g, d/f#

i really hope this is somewhat right!!!!

Cass, different anon here, but in that video, either the person is left handed or it's mirrored/reverse, but it's hard to see what she's playing because the way it's filmed the fretboard isn't fully on camera. But she's clearly using a capo. ― Anonymous

yeah i found it and i see thank u!! im just gonna play around with my guitar a little and see if i can figure it out and then ill get back to the other anon to the message in my inbox! thnks!

www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=BFZXF7eYKAU Thanks! this is a cover cause the original doesn't show chords at all. i also have the lyrics if that would make it easier. ― Anonymous

it said the video did not exist :( also if u cant find a dif vid have u checked for the chords??

are you good at figuring out guitar chords? like if i sent you a link to a video do you think you could figure them out for me? i've tried with a song for weeks and can't figure it out so i thought you might be able to help? ― Anonymous

um if the video like SHOWS the person playing guitar i might be able to!!!! ill give it a shot!

I THINK THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME my dentist said it was from over brushing/brushing too hard but idk he was sketchy sO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOURS SAYS
YEAH WHEN I LOOKED IT UP IT SAID THAT TOO and like i believe that cuz i do brush my teeth pretty rough lol wINKKk but its like the way it is scares me and makes me think like it wont just casually go back to normal so like im scared ill need surgery or something rfdufbneir its called like receding gums im just hoping thats what the prob is man like im praying cuz i dont want surgery lmao


Really hope this is u


hey yo this is my piano cover of last kiss by taylor please listen i’d love u forever k bye xoxx

youllll be fiiiinneee i lovee youuu send me snaps of u reading the out dated mags in the office love YOU
my dentists office is actually dope theres a wii and an indoor slide so ill send u snaps of that iM SO SCARED KURN :(((

i have a dentist appt tomorrow and theres something wrong with my gums and im so scared :(((


[gabriella montez voice] you’re crazy wildcat

john and taylor…

we couldve had it all rolling in the deep man


i think you can tell a lot about a person by which harry potter death caused them the most pain